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Village Leaders Discipleship Project

Training Faithful Leaders Who Will Train Faithful Leaders

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The churches in the larger towns in N. Ghana do a good job of sending individuals into remote villages to preach on Sundays, then they appoint locals in the village to do the day to day ministry.  Those village leaders that are being appointed and given the responsibility to disciple others in Christianity need to be trained themselves first.  To meet this need we have constructed a chapel with two dorm rooms which will allow us to invite 12-16 village leaders monthly to come and stay for a four day discipleship program.  We will record all the training in the leaders language and then put it on solar powered MP3 players for them to take home so they and review the training many times before returning the following month for additional training.

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Village church leaders are so excited to participate.  "We can't give away something we do not have!"

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Please consider sending over a team over from your church to host one of these discipleship weeks.  Your presence communicates much more than having a closer walk with Christ.  It tells the village leaders that they are loved and they are part of the global Body Of Christ.

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