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Jafaro School

Changing Lives Through Education

We have been providing a school for this remote village for several years now.  We started off meeting under a tree but then the village elders offered us a mud block building to start conducting school in out of the weather.  We had an exceptionally hard rain fall this year which caused part of the mud building to collapse.

With the help of donors we were able to raise the funds to construct a new school using cement blocks and steel roof structure.  Some of the children attending the school have to travel great distances to come, so we will be building the school building large enough that we will designate part of the building as a dorm for the children to stay during the week.  We will hire a local mommy to provide food and comfort for these little ones while at the dorm.

ad slick 2.jpg

The adults in Jafaro came together and molded the 2000 blocks needed to construct the school. 

The foundation for the school with dorm rooms is now complete.  The roof was added in Oct 2020.


The men were able to mold over 2000 blocks and move all the blocks to the new building site.  Here are a couple of photos when we first started the school and then moved into the building that collapsed

2018-05-31 11.32.27 - Copy.jpg
DSC_0114 - Copy.JPG
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