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Kids Clubs

Changing The Hearts Of Children

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For many years we have witnessed the impact the gospel has had on children.  In 2013 we launched Kids Clubs in Ghana W. Africa and were amazed at how excited the children in villages were to participate in the clubs.  In order to provide an ongoing incentive for the children,  we started hosting an annual competition.  We invite the children from the villages that are faithful to attend and complete their assigned studies.  We hire a bus to travel to the villages and collect the children.  They are brought into the main village of Damongo where they are met with hot tea and bread.  We then let them compete for bicycles, beds, mattresses, backpacks, soccer balls and other gifts. 

Join us in changing these children's lives and providing them with a bright future

We recently conducted our annual Kids Club Competition in our new chapel.  We had 13 of our villages join us for the competition.  With over 70 children competing for special prizes like beds, bikes and mattresses. It made for a very long exciting day.  Each child was provided bread and tea for breakfast when they arrived  and then a large portion of chicken and rice for lunch.  We also provided each child with writing tablets as well as pens and pencils.

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